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Welcome to the Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club Website!


 "Developing Drive"

We're committed to developing your dog to the fullest measure possible. This means training to the level that the dog can be successful and at the same time having FUN! Howard Gaines III working with Samantha Gilbert's, K-9 Blitz.


Welcome to our Website

Welcome to 2019!

Last year was a very busy time training a full range of things, some included first time working dog owners as new club members and dogs. We saw folks get the AKC puppy S.T.A.R. certificate, the AKC Canine Good Citizen title, the AKC Trick Dog Novice title, and the AKC Therapy Dog Novice title. We worked on obedience with and without the leash. Then there were things like the Long Send, Call-Offs, Call-Throughs, Cap and Control techniques, and Reward and Corrections with the pet. The club also picked up many new puppies from the Gaines Farm and Kennel breeding of K-9 Seff Von Dem Waldkonig/Bandit x Tyarda Gardefense. We did many FREE K-9 assessments to test for new memberships throughout the year. Without a doubt, it was a very busy and rewarding year...

What's in store for 2019? We're thinking much of the same, since how we train and why we train fit into many folks way of thinking. The only thing that keeps us from training is holidays and bad weather.

If you haven't found a working dog club that fits your way of thinking, is open to other breeds and mixes besides the German Shepherd, and isn't a business where PROFIT overrides fun and family-friendly, please contact us. Membership space maybe limited this year. We would rather have QUALITY than QUANTITY...

The Delmarva German Shepherd Dog Club is a private organization, one which promotes the working lines German Shepherd  breed and other approved breeds on the Delmarva Peninsula. We offer real world training for real world needs and applications. This isn't a sport training venue where members train for points, ribbons, plaques, or inhouse "titles." Most of us have real world needs, wants, ans purposes for our dogs. So once again we ask, "When was the last time you ever heard of someone being attacked with these items in the REAL WORLD?"

The answer is still the same...YOU DON'T!

Through a variety of structured activities and scenarios, we train the dog and the owner as one, a team. Our teams train in: on and off leash utility style obedience, control and capping drills, environmental agility and conditioning,  tracking and area searching, and K-9 personal protection using bite sleeves and suits. We also offer training and testing for the American Kennel Club's, Canine Good Citizen title, the Urban and Community Dog titles, the Trick Dog title, and the puppy S.T.A.R. certificate. Our club has two certified evaluators who can train and assess your pet for these areas.

Memberships require your dog or puppy to be up to date on shots and flea and tick treatments, clear thinking, from working lines or working with some show, and your personal pet...not something you're training for resale. Exceptions to this policy are few and those done will be on an individual basis. Because we train all year, club memberships are usually available year-round and assessments of your dog or puppy are FREE!

A "portal" is described as a doorway or means of entrance. We would like to think our club is that "entrance" for you and your dog to find out what working dog training is about and why our members enjoy it. Thanks for checking out our website and we look forward to meeting you in person. Don't forget to check out our Facebook site as well and to hit that LIKE button!


Training the Protection Dog...K-9 Apollo

Charlie Tanner III working on suit bites with his training partner, Apollo. Yes, we will work with other approved breeds and mixes besides the German Shepherd!

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